• Sustainability
    We recognize that the needs of today must be met WITHOUT
    compromising future generations’ needs. So we
    emphasise stewardship of both human and
    natural resources.
  • Quality
    Sinon means “agriculture and prosperity.” By maintaining quality,
    Sinon has become a global presence. We maintain that same
    standard of quality in everything we do, from our product to
    our customer service and relationships with our partners.
  • Stability
    For more than 55 years, we’ve been there when our
    customers have needed us. Dependable, solid,
    and trustworthy – THAT is Sinon stability.

Sinon Corporation is one of Taiwan’s leading companies with more than 3,300 employees globally, dedicated to our purpose of providing solutions to the agriculture, food distribution and technology sectors. From our founding in 1955, Sinon has been partnering with the world’s best companies and our mutual customers to increase farmer’s productivity, improve food quality and optimize distribution system.

Watch a video overview about Sinon Corporation.