Sinon agro-input stores

Sinon Corporation is a leading distributor of agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds and agricultural equipment in Asia. Through a network of over 300 stores, Sinon provides not only equipment, products for crop protection and nutrition, but also personalized technical field training and support, product application seminars and financial services. Agronomists at our stores are available to perform field trials, soil-health checkups, fertilizer management, and pest-disease management /prevention courses. Sinon’s team of certified agronomists works with farmers to ensure that from field to table, the world has nutritious, high-quality food. We believe that delivery of true value must also extend to whoever uses our products. Our core values guide us to recognize and cultivate the success of our clients.

Sinon Agro-Input Supply Stores offer:

  • Crop protection: over 170 products
  • Crop nutrient: over 60 products
  • Plant growth regulators: 8 products
  • Tools and equipment: over 2,000 items
  • Seeds: more than 70 species
  • Seedlings: more than 300 species