chemical group: crop nutrition

Sinon Corporation manufactures and distributes crop nutrient solutions through the Sinon Chemical Group. We understand that advanced crop fertility products come from intensive research and not guesswork. This is why we have been developing an integrated soil fertility solution and investing in our production facilities in the past three years. Here is a brief chronology of our crop nutrition activities:
  • 2011 – Sinon completes the third stage of our fertilizer plant to produce organic fertilizer.
  • 2010 – Sinon finishes the second stage of our fertilizer plant to produce inoculants.
  • 2009 – Sinon completes the first stage of our fertilizer plant to produce and distribute our own organomineral fertilizer throughout Asia.
  • 2008 – Sinon distributes products on behalf of Taiwan Fertilizer Company
  • 1983 to 2000 - Sinon expands our product offerings to include imported foliar and organic fertilizer
  • 1983 - Sinon becomes the exclusive agent for Nissan Chemical’s Chiyoda Kasei fertilizer line in Taiwan.
We know how the world’s growing population is changing our climate, and we firmly believe that we can be a part of the long-term solution. This is why we have been refining our crop fertility products to work as a traditional fertilizer, a plant regulator, a seed treatment and a chelating agent. The key ingredient is our organic nutrient technology. This technology comes from a breed of fish that is plentiful near the Taiwanese coast. This innovative product is a friend to the environment because it reduces the need for costly resources. Used in either its pure form or mixed with other macro/micro nutrients, our product will reduce pesticide usage by building up the plant’s natural defenses, reduce synthetic fertilizer application by increasing the plant’s uptake of available nutrients, and reduce pressure on land expansion by increasing the plant’s yield. Current field trials in Asia, North America, Australia and South America are showing promising results. This confirms our belief that with intensive research, not guesswork, we can bring a better tomorrow today.

Through our Sinon Chemical Group, we provide raw materials and finished goods to global customers for the following products:
  • Fertilizers, Plant Hormones and Seed Treatments
  • Synthetic Fertilizers
  • Organomineral Fertilizers
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Organic Seed Treatments
  • Inoculants
  • Natural Plant Hormones