Sinon Corporation entered the biotechnology field by establishing a world-class phalaenopsis orchid nursery and distribution business (officially known as the Direct Channel Group - Intensive Agriculture Section).

Highly trained employees cultivate the plants to meet strict criteria for commercial success: strong and unique colors, symmetric proportions, disease resistance and healthy roots and leaves systems. Unlike most orchid growers who focus only on one portion of the production process, Sinon invests in the entire chain: propagation, growing, blooming, sales, and distribution. This vertical integration allows us to provide consistent quality, and allows us to successfully compete for businesses in quality- conscious markets. Following our corporate vision, the Direct Channel Group is committed to building relationships between suppliers, growers and consumers. Sinon customers not only receive orchids; they receive superior customer service and long-term support.

Sinon looks forward to increasing our biotechnology business by acquiring space for an expanded greenhouse. More importantly, Sinon is applying the breakthroughs found in the orchid business to other crops. By applying these new production techniques to other crops, Sinon continues to improve lives worldwide.

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