In 1993, Sinon Corporation founded the Siwei Mixed Cement Company to meet the current growing building and infrastructure boom in Taiwan. Siwei is the largest supplier of mixed cement and gravel in Central Taiwan and plays an important role in the responsible development of Taiwan’s infrastructure. Siwei operates in accordance with national CNS standards at our three mixed cement plants and single gravel plant. In response to a growing demand for our high-quality cement, Sinon is building a new plant in the city of Taichung. We expect this plant to serve our customers by 2012. Visit the Mandarim website by clicking this link.

Knowledge & Service Information Co., Ltd (KSI) was co-founded by Sinon Corporation in 1983 and is committed to integrating information systems with an online presence, from planning to implementation to after sales support. A team of IT professionals specializes in mapping the customer requirement and providing a multi-year solution that can grow with the customer’s business and ever-changing technology. KSI is a Microsoft® Certified Partner and received ISO 9001 certification in 2000, and International Software Quality Maturity CMMI certification in 2009.

KSI has helped over 1,000 clients. Some notable projects are:
  1. A total-solution system that includes POS and ERP for the retail industry
  2. GOLF system for the golf course industry
  3. CATV system for the cable TV industry
  4. Information systems for various public agencies in Taiwan including the Fiscal and Economic ministry and the Justice and Health ministry
  5. Enterprise network for website development

Visit the Mandarim website by clicking this link.