to our communities

Sinon engages the local communities through our various business groups. 

At Sinon Bulls professional baseball team, every baseball player actively participates in a physical education program at a local elementary or junior high school in Taiwan. Sinon regularly donates baseball equipment to senior high schools, and we sponsor the annual ‘Sinon Baseball Championship’ in Central Taiwan for collegiate level teams. Our Sinon Bulls baseball team mascot often participates in non-profit activities such as fund-raising for schools in low-income areas, Red Cross outreach programs, and children hospital visits.

In addition to fundraising, Sinon Food Distribution Division provides free school lunches to low-income elementary and high school students since 1982.  These lunches are carefully designed by our team of certified nutritionists and chefs to offer a well-balanced menu for the students.

In times of crisis, such as a natural disaster, we use our Supermarket Division to help with community preparation and recovery efforts. Our supermarkets contribute by maintaining longer hours and providing financial support for affected customers. Since 2009, Sinon has donated over USD 35 million to help with natural disaster relief efforts.

As a preventive and corrective initiative to safe agrochemical usage, Sinon's Chemical Group set up 24-hour hotlines for medical emergencies in China and Brazil.  In Brazil, a 24-hour hotline is also set up for road accidents.

In product stewardship for our paraquat insecticide, Sinon’s China subsidiary is actively participating in a nationwide program to educate the use and hazard of paraquat.  Sinon China is proud to be a member of the Paraquat Stewardship Alliance Working Group (CPSAWG) association that is responsible for setting up 24-hour hotlines for medical emergency, conducted thousands of education seminar for the doctors, nurses and farmers, and reached over 11,000 cities across the country.  In 2011, we were part of the successful launch of China's first professional pesticide product management and social responsibility website