plasticS packaging

Founded in 1979, the Sinon Plastics Division was established to provide in-house packaging for Sinon’s Agrochemical Division. The division has grown to support both in-house and external plastic demands throughout Southeast Asia. Today, Sinon provides products and services including bottle design, mold design and manufacturing, plastic vacuum molding, plastic injection molding, PET mold blowing, plastic printing and labeling. We also create formulation recipes for the beauty, healthcare and household segments. 

Our newest factory, built in 2004, is ISO-9001 certified and BSMI-accredited. All products go through rigorous tests to ensure that Sinon produces only the best quality plastics - plastics that do not deteriorate, crack, leak or break. By expecting the best of our products, employees, and processes, Sinon continues to create superior plastic packaging materials to protect valuable content.

For more information, please visit the Mandarim website of the factory by clicking this link.